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Bondway China's leading Manufacturer & Exporter of ultrasound scanner (also named as sonography, ultrasonography, ecography etc). Patient Monitoring System and Pulse Oximeter for Human andVeterinary use. ( &

Customer First, Service Foremost

We believe that a product delivered to a customer is not the end of business, but the very beginning of long-term good relationship. All maintenance activities are carried out by our service center and/or our authorized maintenance center in their respective local areas; Our qualified service team assure our customer that wherever or whenever they are, they'll get warm instructions and technical support from us and or/our local distributor

Product Quality Commitment

We promise the products are manufactured in accordance with State Quality Standard of China involved and/ or related International Quality Standard. Each product is enclosed with a unique and traceable Serial No which is of great significance to keep follow-up information, maintenance service and our continuous technical innovation.

Free Technical Training Program
With the goal to offer an immediate maintenance service to end users and help our local distributor to grow to a good name of quality products and excellent service, Bondway provides free training program upon the products concerned to customer service technicians or engineers from the distributors and will further provide technical assistance via e-mail, fax, phone, or instant internet tools like MSN, Yahoo Messenger, etc as requested by the distributors. The training course will be performed in Shenzhen. The round-trip traveling expense like visa charges, flight tickets, etc are on the distributors' account.

For detailed info, please feel free to contact our salesman in charge of the regions that your country belongs to.

Return Policy

Any material to be serviced or returned to Bondway, please contact the salesperson and obtain a RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. The RMA number must appear on the outside of the shipping container. Return shipments will not be accepted if the RMA number is not clearly visible. Please provide the model number, serial number, and a brief description of the reason for return.
Freight policy 

1. Within Warranty: The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges when the equipment is shipped to Bondway for service (this includes custom charges). Bondway is responsible for the freight & insurance charges from Bondway to the customer.
2. After Warranty: The customer is responsible for any freight & insurance charges for returned product.
Warranty policy

18 months for complete unit and spare parts after the shipping date of the goods.

Bondway warrants that new equipment is free from defects in workmanship and materials within warranty period under normal use and service. Bondway's obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing at Bondway's option, any part which upon Bondway's examination proves defective.
Service Parts will be available for a maximum period of five (5) years after any equipment has been discontinued. Service parts shall include all components, PCB board, instructions, and accessories that were furnished with the standard models.

The warranty shall not extend to any instrument that 

1) has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accidents; 
2) caused by modification or repair by anyone except Bondway or Bondway designated person; 
3) from which Bondway's original serial number tag or product identification markings have been altered or removed;
4) or any product of any other manufacturer.

What are the Common Defective or malfuntions of ultrasound scanners?

The common interference
(1) The common problems about B mode ultrasound scanner.
1. If some dynamic skew line or some rolled signal in the signal region and some fluid bright and dark line signal change, it will be the interference.
1) add the regulated power supply.
2) check the ground cable.
3) eliminate the interference: such as electrical machine, welding machine, large-scale transformer, high-tension wires, CT machine, X bean machine, coiled electric wire, large-scale machine, etc.
4) Short circuit of the shielding line and signal line or failed connection of the shielding line.
5) The interference of other additive equipment: Poor quality of the manostat can cause the interference of the instrument. You can estimate it by cutting off the additive equipment.

(2) The usual problems of the power supply

1. It will burn the fuse as soon as electrifying
1) check whether the commute diode is being short circuit.
2) check whether the switch dynatron is being short circuit.
3) check whether the filtering capacitance is being short circuit.

2. No output of the power supply current carrying
4) check the starting resistance
5) check the switch dynatron
6) check the voltage regulation circuit

3. The power supply voltage is unstable
7) check the return circuit of the main voltage regulation
8) check the return circuit of different groups of voltage regulation.

4. After power on,the output of the power supply is active, then it falls to 0 V.
1) Mainly caused by the protection circuit: 
A: The power supply problem
B: Load short circuit leads to electric over-current.

5. Power supply interference
1) Mainly caused by the bad filtering electrical circuit.(especially the electrolysis and the capacitance)

(3)The monitor problems
1 No display in the monitor and indicator is always off
(1) check 12 V service voltage

2. No display in the monitor but the indicator is on
1) check the brightness, vice-brightness and the contrast potentiometer 
2) check the line scan circuit and the high voltage formed circuit
3) check the display circuit

3. The image rolls up and down
1) check the field frequency potentiometer
2) check RC timing circuit.

4. Compressing (up and down) of the image
1) check the potentiometer of the field height.

5. Bad linearity of the image
1) check the potentiometer of the vertical linearity
2) check the feed back circuit

6. Dithering (left to right or right to left) of the image
1) check the potentiometer which acts on the line scan

7. Dithering (up and down) of the image
1) check the potentiometer of the field height

8. The image is contorted
1) check whether the voltage or the power is a little lower.
2) check whether the feed circuit of the field circuit waves excessively.

9. The character or the image is blur
1) adjust the potentiometer of the brightness and contrast.
2) adjust the focus potentiometer
3) replace the aging kinescope with a new one.

10. Horizontal bright lines run through the monitor
1) check whether the anode voltage is too high and the cathode voltage is too low and whether there is some slight pulse signal.
2) adjust the potentiometer of the vice-brightness and the brightness.

11. There is some dynamic wave interference in the whole screen
1) check whether the shield of the signal line is in good condition.
2) check whether the wave of the service voltage of direct current is excessive.
3) check whether the potentiometer of the vice-brightness and the brightness is in bad condition.

12. The monitor blacks out from time to time.
1) check whether the voltage of the power supply is steady.
2) check whether potentiometer of the vice-brightness and the brightness is oxidized.

13. Striking fire of the high voltage in the monitor.
1) keep ventilated, dry, being repelled by light and getting rid of humidity. In addition, to pressurize by high voltage silicon paper.
2) clean around the lid of the high voltage and keep clean.
3) change the lid of the high voltage.
4) change the transformer of the line scans.

(4) Mouse problems

1. The cursor move in one direction only when moving the tracking ball:
(1)clean the tracking ball or to adjust the roller.

2. No cursor on the screen:
(1) To connect the mouse again.

(5) Panel problems

1. Some Keys on the keyboard does not funtion
1)check whether the panel and the data wire of the main board are connected well or the datawire is in good condition.
2)check whether the spring strip is good and to change it.
3)clean the oxide layer on the spring strip and the main board.
4)The socket of the panel and the horn of the main board are not welded well. 

(6)Other problems and solving method

1. Narrow dark line in the region of the image
1)check whether the probe is connected with the main machine well. If not, connect it again.
2)Probe problem: To use a slippery metal bar slip on the surface of the probe , be disconnected, then press the“left to right” key and use a slippery metal bar slip on the surface of the probe again, if the disconnected part move, it will be the probe problem.
3)check whether the receiving and sending board was burned out.

2. Some 1-cm wide bright lines and some vertical dark shadow in the region of the image
1) check whether there are some probe interference.
2) Bad connection between probe and main machine.
3) check whether the probe is burned out.

3. The mosaic-like image appears in the whole screen.
1)check whether the microcomputer CPU integrated circuit is damaged.
2)check whether the microcomputer storage is damaged.
3)check whether the dropout line is not connected well or the dropout socket is not welded well, or there is the short circuit in the dropout line.
4)check whether the integrated circuit of the microcomputer is loosened.

4. Images is frozen Automatically
1)check whether the freeze key is in good condition.
2)check whether the foot switch is in good condition.
3)check whether the microcomputer board is in good condition.

5. The fan of the instrument runs, the probe sounds, no signal of the probe.
1) check whether the probe is well connected to the socket. Disconnect it and re-connect.
2)check whether the cables of main board is loosened.
3)check whether the probes are in good condition.
4)check whether the receiving and the remitting board are defective.
5)check whether the power supply is in good condition, if there isn't the 130V or only scores of voltages, it may be the startup resistance270K and 1K of the power supply is out of order.

7. The operation is normal, however the vertical dark belts appear on the screen, no change takes palace when adjusting the brightness and the gain.
(1) check whether the device of the receiving and sending board is out of work, and or it will lead the receiving and sending circuit works abnormally 
(2)check whether the probe is damaged or the connector isn’t connected well.

8. There is the grating but no image, no gray scale, and no graduation.
(1) check whether the clock module is out of work.
(2) check whether the monitor has any problems.
(3) check whether the microcomputer board belongs to my company or not.

9. No grating, no image in the display.
(1) check whether 12V power supply is in good condition.
(2) check whether the monitor is in good condition.

10. There is the grating, graduation, gray scale, but no ultrasonic image.
(1) check whether –12V ,±130V power supply have problems.
(2)check whether the receiving and remitting circuit is in good condition.
(3) check whether the storage circuit is in good condition.
(4) check whether the probe is in good condition.

11. The vertical bright lines drift in the region of the ultrasonic image.
(1)check whether the receiving and remitting delay-time is stable and the delay line is normal.
(2) check whether the receiving and remitting circuit is in good condition.
(3) check whether the probe is in good condition.

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