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Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW570V-PRO)    

Name: Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW570V-PRO)
Model: BW570V-pro
* suitable for diagnose swine, ovine,feline, canine, etc. Econonic machine
*2 kinds of filter function, 7 kinds of compress curve, 100-image permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop, Swine’s Back fat and Lean percentage calculated automatically.
*High-capacity lithium Battery supporting-hour operation.
*Standard configuration 1 pc of sunshine cover, suitable for use in outdoor strong sunshine.
*Available for left/right hand alternative use, eliminating operate fatigue.
*Multiple use method: hand-held, chest hanging, back hanging , waist hanging, etc.
*With protective soft rubber coat, splash-proof, dust-proof design.
*Net weight: 1.1kg.
Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW580V-PRO)    

Name: Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW580V-PRO)
Model: BW580V-PRO
*Both A scan and B scan available
*3.5” high resolution color LCD, smart, lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor use
*Measure backfat thickness, loin muscle thickness and lean percentage
*With flash memory stick, image and measurement data can be saved in EXCEL format, easy for user’s data control
*Unique character-hidding function. Character hidding time can be set down freely for observing ultrasound images easily
*System automatically freee and protect probe with time setting function
*Lithium Battery: Large capacity (2600mAh), working time over 300 minutes
*Net Weight:620g
Digital Wrist-top Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW560V-PRO)    

Name: Digital Wrist-top Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW560V-PRO)
Model: BW560V-PRO
This is an Economic system, designed with Mechanical Sector Probe, ideal for farm animal breeding, reproduction as well as small animals exams, etc.
*Farm Animal -Reproduction imaging on Bovine, Swine, Small ruminants and other large animals

1) Compact design & lightweight: 1.1kg ( 2.4 lbs)
2)Rechargeable Battery Life of 200 minutes
3)5.7" LCD Display
4)100 images built-in storage
5)Freeze image switch with free hand
6)256 Frames Cine
7)USB Port for Flash Card Memory
8)8 Stages of Magnification
9)Concise Menu for Operation
10)Good Brightness for Outdoor Scanning
11)Wrist Mount and Belt-hanger( for holding probes)Available
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