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Backfat Measurement Instrument (BW20V)    

Name: Backfat Measurement Instrument (BW20V)
Model: BW20V
*Host with probe in-one design, compact.
*One-hand operating host.
*Sealed design of the probe to prevent water spray and splash water.
*Hook bolt rope design to avoid the drop-off while using.
*Cigarrette-sized Smaller host.
*Read measurement result easily under direct sunshine
*USB socket for rechargeing the host.
*Built-in battery for 10-- hour outdoor work. Auto switch-off after 2 minutes non-work.
*Easy-operation. One-key to measure 3 levels back-fat thickness.
Pregnancy Test Instrument (BW10V)    

Name: Pregnancy Test Instrument (BW10V)
Model: BW10V
* For pregnancy test on swine, goat, sheep,etc
*Judge the pregnancy by sound and light. Suit for using under noisy and dark circumstances.
*Insert the simple users manual inside package. Easy to use.
*Small volume, light weight, easy to carry.
*Low Consumption, battery easy to be bought or changed.
*With water-proof function, easy to clean.
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