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Digital Wrist-top Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner(BW560V)

Digital Wrist-top Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner(BW560V)


Products Information:
This system is ideal for large animal veterinarian that wants and needs a good light-weight ultrasound scanner.
*Equine -Reproduction, Tendon & Abdominal, Cardiac, Breeding,etc.
*Farm Animal -Reproduction imaging on Bovine, Swine, Small ruminants and other large animals
*Small animal -Criticare, Abdominal, Cardiac,etc
Reference Images
1)Compact and lightweight design: 1.1kg ( 2.4 lbs)
2)Rechargeable Battery Life of 200 minutes
3)5.7" LCD Display
4)100 images built-in storage
5)Freeze image switch with free hand
6)256 Frames Cine
7)USB Port for Flash Card Memory
8)8 Stages of Magnification
9)Concise Menu for Operation
10)Good Brightness for Outdoor Scanning
11)Wrist Mount and Belt-hanger( for holding probes)Available
Primary Function                    
1. Body marks: 1.bovine  2.dog  3.equine  4.cat  5.cadioloy, total 22 kinds
2. Probe connector: 1pc, automatic identifying function                        
3. Receiving channel: >=16 digital beam former                                                 
4. Resolution: horizontal<=2mm, Vertical<=1mm                     
Dead Zone: <=5mm                          
5. Maxim scanning depth: >=190cm(according to the probe)                     
6. Geometric position accuracy: horizontal<=5%, Vertical<=5%                           
7. Scanning mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M                     
Full field image with 8 lever adjustment(8 kinds Magnification)                        
8. Gain range: general gain continuously adjustment(0~127dB)                      
9. Dynamic range: 27~90dB, video adjustable                        
4 kinds angles /width adjustment                      
10. Gray:  256                         
11. Imaging technology:  full digital beam forming, continuously dynamic adjustment focusing, Dynamic aperture                      
12. Image storage: 100 frames permanent storage                     
13. Cine loop: 256 frames                         
Intelligent TGC control: near-field and far-field adjustment                        
14. Imaging processing: pre-processing (continuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture, dynamic filtering), post-processing (4 gamma correction), correlation processing (4 levers), Left/right, positive/negative, vertical, horizontal flip and B/W conversion, edge enhancement (4), etc.
With the image enhance the depth and the local amplification                         
Wire switch realize the freezing and unfreezing                       
15. Frame rate: 30 frames/second                      
16. Measurement:                      
Normal measurement: distance, Perimeter, area (tracing method, ellipse method), volume, etc.      
OB measurement: Cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels and sheep and pre-gestational age birth
Heart of conventional measurements: depth, slope, heart rate, period                     
17. Report: OB report                        
18. Character Tags: name, age, hospital name, and automatically display the date, time, probe type, probe frequency, frame related to the number of the focus number, gain, dynamic range, etc
19. Battery: (2400MAh), Large capacity lithium Battery, more than 200 minutes work   
20. Weight of main unit: 1.1Kg                        
21. Interface language: English                        
22. Puncture and guide functionality(Puncture and guide wire 2 can be calibrated, angel and position are adjustable)
23. Positioning line                           
24. High-speed USB-A port: Supporting Large-capacity disk and mouse U
       High-speed USB-B port: Could transfer image('case report software V3.1'software)
25. Dual-mode output: PAL/NTSC
26. Print Output: Optional Video Recorder                       
27. Other Optional: Battery, battery Charger, apparatus, strap, bracket


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