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Laptop Ultrasound Scanner (BW8H)

Laptop Ultrasound Scanner (BW8H)

Wide Application
Abdomen, obstetrics, urology, cardiology, gynecology, small parts, etc.
Diagnosis of the organs such as liver, gall-bladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, heart, thyroid gland, breast, uterus, bladder, ovary, etc.Six methods (GS,CRL,BPD,HC,AC,FL) available for the observation and  measurement of fetus age and weight, etc.
Key Features
1. Ideal for mixed practice, both for bedside use and emergency diagnosis on the spot or under rescue conditions.
2. Advanced new technology to obtain a higher-resolution imagepost-processing, etc
3. Broadband convex, linear,transvaginal & transrectal probes available 
4. Overall zooming and partial zooming available
5. Cineloop: up to 186 frames
6. 6-segment slider TGC and overall gain control
7. Backlight silicon rubber keyboard for more convenient operation.
8.15-inch large LCD monitor, flickering-free
Technical Spec
Scanning Mode: Convex, Linear, Convex Transvaginal, Endorectal
Frequency:Broadband frequency 2.5MHz-7.5MHz
Display Modes:B, B+B,4B,8B,B+M, M
Resolution:Lateral≤2, Longitudinal≤1
Max. Depth: 220mm
Monitor:15” TFT LCD
Magnification:1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0
Image Reversal:Polarity and Left-Right Reversal, upside down resersal
Image Processing:: Edge Enhancement, Frame Correlation, Gamma Correction, Histogram
Dynamic Imaging:Variable Aperture, Focus Selectable, Multi-section Dynamic Focusing, Acoustic Lens Focusing
Pseudo Color Function: 8 different color options
Depth Scroll:Yes
Measurement:Distance, Circumference, Area, Heart Rate, Slope, Fetal Age, Weight and EDCB.
Display:Time, Date, Patient's ID, Name, Hospital Name, Probe Frequency, Frame Rate and Suggestions of other information                         
Video Output:PAL, VGA
Dimension: 287 mm(W)× 243 mm(H)× 216mm(D)
Weight: 6.8 kg
Optional Probe
1.9-5.0Mhz Broadband convex array probe(Central Freq 3.5Mhz)  
3.5-6.5MHZ Broadband convex array probe(Central Freq 5.0Mhz)  
5.0-7.5MHZ Broadband linear array probe (Central Freq 6.5Mhz)  
5.0-8.0MHZ Broadband Transvaginal Probe(Central Freq.6.5Mhz)  
5.0-8.0MHZ Broadband Transrectal Probe(Central Freq.6.5Mhz) 
Pictures of optional Probe
  Convex probe;             Linear probe        High-frequency convex
 Transrectal probe     Transvaginal probe

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