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Handheld Veterinary Pulse Oximeter(BW1A-V)

Handheld Veterinary Pulse Oximeter(BW1A-V)


Catalog BW1A-V.pdf


1.Digital SpO2 Sensor
2.Anti-Movement, Low Perfusion Measurement
3.Bright, Easy-to-Read LED Display
4.Power-Save Mode
5.Suitable for Cats, Dogs or Similar Sized Animals
6.Alarm function

Technical Specs
SPO2 Measurement range:  0 - 100 %      
  Accuracy:        ± 2 %    during  70%100%  
    Below 70% unspecified  
Pulse Rate Measurement range:  25 BMP - 400 BMP
  Accuracy:              ±2 BMP, 25 BMP-100 BMP  
    ±2%,100 BMP-400 BMP  
Visual Displays and Indicators: Sp02 Display:  Red LED, variable brightness  
Pulse Rate Display:  Green LED, variable brightness  
  Pulse intensity:     Red LED, 8 Bars  
  Power Indicator Light:  Green- Normal  
  Low Power Voltage:  Red and Blink  
  Low Perfusion Indicator:  Red Bar  
Audio Indicators: Sensor off audio indicator (every 15 seconds)  
  Pulse audio indicator  
  Key-pressing indicator  
  Low power voltage indicator  
Alarm: Audible and visual alarms for high/low SpO2 and Pulse Rate  
  Alarm limits adjustable  
  Alarm silence interval: 30, 60, 90 and 120 seconds  
Environmental Specifications: Temperature Range:   Operation:  0+50  
Transport/Storage:  -40+70  
  Relative  humidity:   Operating: 1095%  
    Transport/Storage: 595%  (noncondensing) 
Power Requirements: DC 4.0-6.0V four standard "AA" 1.5V batteries provided  
Battery Life:   15 hours at minimum        
Dimensions: 130mm (L)×69mm(W)×22mm(H)       
New Weight: 195g/100g (with batteries/without batteries)  
Gross Weight:  500g  
Safty Standards: IEC-6060-1       ISO9919  
Regulatory Compliance: ISO 13485  


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