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Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW580V-PRO)

Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW580V-PRO)


Key Features

*Latest cortex-M4 embeded control system+mini-ultrasound technology hardware system. Both A scan and B scan available
*3.5" high resolution color LCD, smart, lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor use
*Measure backfat thickness, loin muscle thickness and lean percentage
*3 kinds of scales on the image available: non-scale, 10mm-dot scale, 10mm-dot reticulation-shaped scale
*With flash memory stick, image and measurement data can be saved in EXCEL format, easy for user's data control
*Unique character-hidding function. Character hidding time can be set down freely for observing ultrasound images easily
*System automatically freee and protect probe with time setting function
*Customized languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc
*Lithium Battery: Large capacity (2600mAh), working time over 300 minutes
*Net Weight:620g
Technical specs:
*Gray Scale:256
*Display Mode:B, 2B, A
*Gains Control:27 to 90dB
*Backfat thickness, loin muscle thickness and lean percentage measurement
*Image storage:image and measurement data saved in flash memory stick
*Net Weight: 620g
*Size: 90mm*98mm*25mm (L*W*H)
Standard Package:
*Main Unit with 3.5" LCD monitor
*2.5/3.5Mhz mechanical sector probe
*Power adapter
*Power cable
*User's Manual (English)
*Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
*Hand-carry bag
Optional parts
*Rechargeable lithium battery
*2.5/3.5Mhz Mechanical sector probe
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