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Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW570V-PRO)

Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner (BW570V-PRO)


Products Information:
*Suitable for diagnose swine, ovine,feline, canine, etc. Econonic machine
*2 kinds of filter function, 7 kinds of compress curve, 100-image permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop,
*Swine's Back fat and Lean percentage calculated automatically.
*High-capacity lithium Battery supporting-hour operation.
*Standard configuration 1 pc of sunshine cover, suitable for use in outdoor strong sunshine.
*Available for left/right hand alternative use, eliminating operate fatigue.
*Multiple use method: hand-held, chest hanging, back hanging , waist hanging, etc.
*With protective soft rubber coat, splash-proof, dust-proof design.
*Net weight: 1.1kg (2.4lbs)
Application Animals
Swine, Ovine, Canine, Feline, etc
*Pregnancy Diagnosis
With this machine, you can exam whether the pig is pregnant or not 18 days after mating. And you'll be able to get non-pregnant pigs about 18 days earlier than by traditional methods
*Fetus Diagnosis
You can identify whether the fetus is dead or mummy by measuring fetal heart rate
*Diagnose Sow Uterine Function
Diagnose sow reproductive disturbance diseases: Pyometra, Mucometra, etc
Econonic Benefits
*Pregnancy test with veterinary ultrasound increases the accuracy of your diagnosis. You can tell whether the pig is pregant or not 18 days in advance after mating to save non-pregnant feed. It's estimated that about USD1000 will be saved every 100 head of sows for the farmers.
*Indirect economic benefits:increase teh number of fetus and livestocks' reproductivity, and detect potential disease and epidemics, etc.
Technical Specs
*Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M
*Permanent image storage: 100 frames
*Local Zooming
*Pseudo color system: 8 colors (including B/W)
*OB measurements: EDD and GA for swine, ovine, feline and canine, etc
*OB report
*Flash memory stick storage
*Dual Power supply: AC and rechargeable battery
*Lithium Rechargeable battery: 6 hours per battery
Standard configuration
*Main unit with 5.7-inch LCD display: 1 pc
*2.5/3.5MHz waterproof mechanical sector probe : 1 pc
*Power adapter: 1 pc
*Internal rechargeable lithium battery : 1 pc
*Charger: 1 pc
*Sunshine cover: 1pc
* Protective Silicone coat: 1pc
*Plastic suitcase: 1pc
Optional configuration:
*Rechargeable lithium Battery (5200mAH)
*2.5/3.5MHz waterproof mechanical sector probe : 1 pc

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