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Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System (BC200)

Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System (BC200)

In today's Clinical environment, you need a machine combined with performance and versatility to help you make more for the patients
From normal diagnosis and report analysis to video and report record, the patients need more in every stage of their visits than ever before. Bondway medical makes all the capabilities needed for growing practices to help you expand your clinical applications
*Superb B-mode imaging
*ePure unique Speckle Reduction Technology
*eSpeed  One Key Optimization
*eFCI Spatial compounding Imaging
*eView Panaromic Imaging
*auto-adaptive color artifact Clearance
*Virtual Trapezoidal Imaging
*Auto Trace calculation PW
*2D with Harmonic Imaging
*PW Pulse-wave Doppler
*PDI Power Doppler Imaging
*CW Continuous Wave (Upgradeable)
*Multi-beam Former
*3D imaging with multilane views
*4D imaging
With advanced features of this machine, you could have more confidence to replace your old ultrasound systems and expand your offerings with an additional system, without limit of small budget to be more distinguishing in your area
Improved Productivity
*One-button Image Optimization
*Menu Operation
*Comprehensive Clinical Application
*Patient information management system
*Efficient workflow to perform better and quicker
*Shortcut keys for workflow facilities
*Easy Data recording
*Diagnostic reports created automatically
*USB sockets
*DICOM 3.0
More comfortable & convenient
*Adjustable High-resolution medical LCD display
*Fully Articulated Arm
*Highly interactive control layout
*Full-sized & Floating keyboard console
*The Footrest for stress relieving
*Integrated handle for easy moving around
*Four Probe connectors for multi-applications
We try to make you feel comfortable in every stage of diagnosis, whether sitting or standing, you can make the relevant controls right at your fingertips to experience ease and simple, stress-free operation.
With the fully articulated arm, you are able to move the monitor to facilitate suitable working postures and reduce repetitive stress injuries.
A) Adjustable high-resolution Medical LCD monitor and fully articulated arm afford you exceptional scanning experience with less neck strain and glide the screen into the best position for you.
B) Multi-function shortcut keys for clustering 95 percent of your frequently-used items in the interface, so you can focus on the patients instead of searching for the keys
C) With four probe connectors, it can provide you multiple departments utility and reduce the time of switching between different departments.
D) The console keys are right where you want them to be. We put the most-frequently used controls at your fingertips and easy for your eyes to help reduce reaching and hyperextension for easy learning and memory.
BC200 is designed with optimal workflow to help you focus on your patients. With our intelligent and easy learning user interface, you could learn all the advanced imaging and measurement technologies faster than ever before
In addition, the automatic image optimization technology can help you reduce exam time and minimize keystrokes, freeing you from repetitive tasks.
New Patient
*Automatic ID created
*Quick laoding fro patient history record
Probe and Application selection
*Fast probe switch (without power-off)
*Automatic optimization for clinical application
Image Adjustment
*Automatic Saving for preset
*Various parameters for image adjustment
*No limitation for local zooming
Measurement and calculation
*Automatic menu switch
*Optimized items for measurement and calculation
*More display of measurement result: 16
*Mis-operation Cancellation
*Automatic Spectral Calculation
*Automatic BodyMark selection
*Large Annotation Database
*Moveable annotation
*Fast saving 64
*File name automatically created
*Fast Review for current patient
*Expert Database
*Automatically generated graph
*Image adding to reports
*Patient Information
*Fast search for daily/monthly/all patients
Clinical applications
*Early pregnancy
*Middle-later pregnancy
*Fetus Cardiology
*Periphery Artery
*Periphery Vein
*Adult Abdomen
*Adult Liver
*Adult Gallbladder
*Adult Spleen
*Kid Abdomen
*Kidney Ureter
*Bladder Prostate
*Adult Cardiology
*Kid Cardiology
Small Parts
*Mammary Glands
*Hip Joint
*Joint Cavity
Transcranial Doppler
Image Mode
Anatomic M
CFM (Color Flow Mapping)
PW(Pulse Waved Doppler)
Duplex for Simultaneous
*B+CFM comparison
*B + Directional PDI
*B+CW (Continuous Wave Doppler)
Triplex Mode
Quad Mode
Panoramic Imaging
Trapezoidal Imaging
Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
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