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How long I've got to wait till I receive the goods since I wire transfer the payment?
Published:2011/7/16 17:06:54    Release party:admin   Hits:5476

We usually have regular stock of our products, we're able to ship the goods within two working days since we receive the payment or the Irrevocable Letter or Credit is finally confirmed ok

As you know, it usually takes 1-3 working days for us to receive the payment since you wire transfer it or make your online transfer.
For example, we can receive the payment the next day if you transfer it from USA
If you transfer from European countries, 2 or 3 days it might take.

For small orders ( total weight less than 45KG) We will hand over the goods to TNT, DHL, FEDEX within 2 days, in another 4-5 days, you will receive them. We will also tell you TNT,DHL, FEDEX Tracking Number for your own tracking-up by keying in this number at www.tnt.com, www.dhl.com or www.fedex.com .
For Medium Orders( total weight over 45-500kgs), we usually deliver the goods by Air freight in order to save you freight charges. we'll email you a copy of Airway Bill within two days after we hand over the goods to our Air forwarder.
When you find Tracking information about your goods at TNT, DHL, FEDEX websites as they're world famous speed courier service providers, you're ensured that the goods are 100% sent out, no need to worry about it.