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What is Proforma Invoice?
Published:2011/7/16 17:05:14    Release party:admin   Hits:4942
Proforma Invoice is usually used in international trade for confirm the deal between the exporter (seller) and the importer (The buyer), functioned as Sales Confirmation or Sales Contract. On which you'll see the following information at least as below

1)Detailed contact information about the exporter ( the seller) and the importer ( the buyer) like company name, address, telephone number, fax number, contact person, etc.
2)Product Information like Item No, product name, quantity, unit price, freight charges, total cost
3)company's banking information
After we receive your final confirmation and your CONTACT INFORMATION( full name or your company’s name, detailed address, telephone number,etc), we will email you one Proforma Invoice, on which you will see Order Details and Our Banking Information. It usually takes 2-3 working days for us to receive the payment since you wire transfer it.
For small orders ( total weight less than 45KG) We will hand over the goods to TNT, DHL, FEDEX within 2 days, in another 4-5 days, you will receive them. We will also tell you TNT,DHL, FEDEX Tracking Number for your own tracking-up by keying in this number at www.tnt.com, www.dhl.com or www.fedex.com .
For Medium Orders( total weight over 45-500kgs), we usually deliver the goods by Air freight in order to save you freight charges. we'll email you a copy of Airway Bill within two days after we hand over the goods to our Air forwarder
For large orders ( total weight over 500kg), we ususally ship them by sea as this might be the cheapeast way for ship large-bulk goods worldwide.