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How can I purchase Bondway's products?
Published:2011/7/16 16:33:44    Release party:admin   Hits:4838
How can I purchase Bondway's products?
For countries or regions that Bondway has EXCLUSIVE distributor, you need to purchase from your local distributor.
For Countries or regions that Bondway has NON-exclusive distributor, you can purchase from Bondway directly or from your local NON-exclusive distributor.
Step 1.
Choose one probe or more for the ultrasound you're interested in: high-frequency linear, microconvex, transrectal linear, convex, etc.
Step 2.
We will issue you one Proforma Invoice to confirm your order.
Step 3
Transfer the payment to Bondway's banking account online or from your bank by Telegraphic transfer (Wire Transfer), Western Union, MoneyGram,or Irrevocable Letter of Credit;
Note: For big orders whose total amount equal to or over USD20000, Letter or Credit is also acceptible
Step 4
After we receive the payment, we will send you the goods thru TNT, DHL or Fedex, in about 4-6 days, you will receive the machine;